Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Shake out

Today we had a shake out drill, this was all about having a practice to prepaire
For a real earthquake.

These are steps of what I did:

1. The speaker shouted out earthquake DROP,COVER,HOLD.
2. We remained on the ground until Kelly said we could get up.
3. The school mad there way out to the safe meting point (the feild).
4. Kelly took the roll to make sure every won was here.some people weren't loud enoght.
5. David had a talk to us about the avacuation 
6. James said turn to your teacher for ferther instructions.
7. That is when Kelly took us inside the class room and we had a practice saying YES.

Here is my earthquake plane for all around the house and a picture of me DROP,COVER,HOLDING.

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